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Well... this is a blog almost entirely of lists. I'll accept any ideas... but basically, this is about me - Vada - and my life. And how everything I do, hear, see, or am apart of effects me, this blog, and now you, cuz you're reading it...


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

5 Reasons Why I Love - And Hate - All Guys (Besides the ones I'm related to)

Guys. We girls can't live with them... but we sure can't live without them. So what do we do? Well, I blog. If blogging isn't for you, though, considering screaming or crying into a pillow. Smiling is good too.... but this is more focused on the things guys do that they just shouldn't.

1. Flirt with every girl they know
2. Act like they 'like' you when they don't
3. Act like they hate you when they 'like' you
4. Show off - for you, or their friends - in a very jerky obnoxious way

These are the generals, but I'll let YOU fill in #5 - because each of us knows something in specific about a specific guy that we hate... yet we like those guys anyways.


I'm done now. :) Don't forget to comment!!!!


Monday, March 12, 2012

7 Reasons To Be Excited For The Hunger Games Premiere

I am so excited for The Hunger Games. Only. 11. Days. OHMYBEEJEESUS. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!
Can you tell?! So here are my reasons for being excited for the movie:

1: The Books Are Amazing
2: Josh Hutcherson
3: There's A Line of Hunger Games Nail Polish by OPI
4: The Commercials Are REALLY Good
5: "Safe & Sound" ~Taylor Swift
6: Josh Hutcherson

I know, not that creative. But did I mention Josh Hutcherson?! OHMYBEEJEESUS.


10 Things Not to Lie About

So, I lied. It was a little lie. About my volunteer work. I forgot to turn in my paperwork but said I did. And I felt like crap afterwards. I hate lies. And lying. It makes me feel sick. Anyways...

10 Things Not to Lie About:

10. Your Diet
9. Your Friend's Ugly Shirt/Dress/Outfit etc.
8. Your Age
7. Where You're From
6. Your GPA
5. Where You Travel
4. People
3. Your Job/Work
2. Relationships

Last but not least...

1. Money

Let's face it: someone WILL find out.


Branching Out...

So, I'm one of the two Dawn to Dusk Founders, and each of us has also decided to create our own opinions blog...although mine is more for lists.... so... here I go!!